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Loving and Serving one another…

It has now been three weeks since we made the decision to suspend regular services on Sunday mornings in favor of using livestream technology to “virtually” gather together to worship.  Of those three weeks, two have been what may be easily called the most impactful days of the Christian calendar– Palm Sunday and Resurrection Day.  Many of you have been able to join us for the livestream broadcasts, and have even asked if they will continue after our time of social distancing is over.  Thank you for your valuable and encouraging input into the success of the broadcast ministry in […]

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Unusual Measures for Unusual Times

Dear congregation of Northwood Community Bible Church, Earlier this week, we released a letter stating that it is our intent to continue church services and ministries as regularly scheduled, asking individuals and families to use their own judgment about whether or not they should come to participate.  We made this decision based on a framework of assessment that looks at the proximity of illness to our local area.  At the time, there was only one known case of Covid-19 in North Dakota. In the last two days, that number has increased to at least 19 cases (at the time of […]

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