The Gospel of John

John the Baptist


Jesus Calls His Disciples


Jesus Clears the Temple


Nicodemus and the New Birth


As Moses Lifted the Serpent


Vicarious Joy


The Living One Who Sees Me


Vision Passion Risk


Jesus Heals Brokenness


House of Mercy


Healing on the Sabbath


Jesus Does the Father’s Works


The Scriptures Point to Jesus


Jesus Feeds Five Thousand


Jesus Cuts to the Heart


Jesus Knows Our Motives


The Feast of Booths


Jesus’ Unknown Origin and Destination


Three Lessons from John 7


Jesus Writes in the Dirt


Jesus Heals a Man Born Blind


Before Abraham Was I AM


Jesus is the Light of the World


Questioning the Blind Man


Jesus is the Shepherd and the Gate


In the Hands of the Father and the Son


Jesus Waiths


Jesus Gives Hope and Compassion


Unbind Him and Let Him Go


God Leads His Dear Children Along


Mary’s Act of Worship


What Jesus Saw


Jesus Predicts His Death


The Rejection of Jesus


Jesus Washes the Disciples Feet


Jesus Serves Judas


A New Command I Give


Jesus is the Way, the Truth, The Life


Living by Faith in Jesus


Where is God in This


John 14:12


Jesus is the Vine


The Work of the Holy Spirit


The World Hates the Disciples


Jesus Promises His Return


Jesus Prays for Us


Jesus Before Pilate


Jesus is Crucified and Resurrected


Comforted by Revelation


Doubting Thomas


The Hope of the Messiah


Simeon and Anna Praise the Lord


In Christ We Walk


Jesus Walks on Water pt.1


Jesus Walks on Water pt. 2


Gospel of John- Conclusion