Unusual Measures for Unusual Times

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Dear congregation of Northwood Community Bible Church,

Earlier this week, we released a letter stating that it is our intent to continue church services and ministries as regularly scheduled, asking individuals and families to use their own judgment about whether or not they should come to participate.  We made this decision based on a framework of assessment that looks at the proximity of illness to our local area.  At the time, there was only one known case of Covid-19 in North Dakota.

In the last two days, that number has increased to at least 19 cases (at the time of this writing), with many more tests yet to be finalized.  As each day goes by, there is an increased weight of concern for the general health, not only of our church, but of the community at large.  Our church’s mission statement says, “We exist to worship and serve the Lord Jesus Christ by loving and serving one another and the communities in which we live”.   In these unusual times, it may be that the best way for us to serve the greater community is in our absence.  We want to send the right message of community support, right alongside the message of the grace of God, the gospel of Jesus Christ.  Consequently, we have decided to suspend regular Sunday morning gatherings for the next couple of weeks.  In their place, we will be offering online services through a Youtube Live broadcast, followed by a reposting of those services to the church’s Facebook page and website.

I have spent a large portion of the last week learning about the technology and learning the software necessary to make these services possible.  Some of you have noticed that I have been able to successfully post live video to Youtube as well as to RightNow Media.  A link to the Youtube live stream may be found on the church’s homepage at www.cbcnorthwood.org.

Just a couple of weeks ago, we sat in awe of God and how He worked to connect us with a small house church in Pakistan via Skype.  It was simply amazing to see how technology might be used for the glory of God and the blessing of His people!   I know that these methods are unusual, but they may be the grace of God for our situation.  For those who are not part of the digital world, we will remain connected with you personally for pastoral care via phone.

This Sunday morning,  I plan on being at the church to begin a live broadcast at 10:30am.  I ask for your prayers that God will prepare me for this new task, that the technology will work well, and that the ministry of NCBC will produce a harvest of glory for our God in this difficult season.  Afterward, send me an email to pastorpaul@cbcnorthwood.org to let me know if you were able to connect and how it went for you.   Now more than ever, it is important that we communicate with each other, keep track of each other and see to one another’s needs.  Pray without ceasing.  Struggle well.  Serve JOYFULLY!  And keep looking up!

God be with you!

Pastor Paul

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